Corporate Profile

Mabuhay Holdings Corporation (“MHC”) was incorporated on April 06, 1988. It is a holding company principally engaged in the acquisition and disposition of investments in securities, stocks, real properties, and of investments in other entities.

MHC was incorporated with an authorized capital of 200 million shares at a par value of P1 per share. It was listed at both the Makati and Manila Stock Exchanges in 1990. The Articles of Incorporation were amended in 1994 to increase authorized capital to 4 billion shares at P1 par value per share. Currently, capital stock issued and subscribed total 1.2 billion shares, of which around P939 million have been paid for.  MHC shares are traded in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

MHC holds directly or indirectly substantial investments in several other corporations. Four of these are wholly owned subsidiaries while the rest are corporations in which MHC has sizeable claims and interests.

Among its subsidiaries and affiliates are the following: T&M Holdings, Inc., M&M Holdings Corporation, Tagaytay Properties and Holdings Corporation, Mindanao Appreciation Corporation, The Angeles Corporation and  The Taal Company, Inc.

Mabuhay Holdings Corporation and its affiliates are registered owners of various properties such as the whole 35th Floor of Rufino Pacific Tower located at Ayala Avenue, Makati City, and several raw lands located at Batangas, Tagaytay City and Tanza, Cavite.