Disclosure System and Polices

5.1.    The reports or disclosures required under this Manual shall be prepared and submitted to
         the Commission by the responsible Committee or officer through the Corporation's
         Compliance Officer;

5.2.    All material information, i.e., anything that could potentially affect share price, shall be
         publicly disclosed.  Such information shall include earnings results, acquisition or disposal
         of assets, board changes, related party transactions, shareholdings of directors and
         changes to ownership.

5.3    Other information that shall always be disclosed includes remuneration (including stock
        options) of all directors and senior management corporate strategy, and off balance sheet

5.4    All disclosed information shall be released via the approved stock exchange procedure for
        company announcements as well as through the annual report.

5.5    The Board shall commit at all times to fully disclose material information dealings.  It shall
        cause the filing of all required information for the interest of the stakeholders.